Y+A REAL ESTATE & ASSET MANAGEMENT has cultivated a team of seasoned experts with a singular proficiency in customizing a unique experience for all of our high-end clients and luxury residential developments. By crafting a multi-disciplinary, holistic approach to the representation of new development clients, Y+A is further redefining real estate. Y+A is the only Texas based organization to combine on-the-ground knowledge and experience of a residential real estate brokerage, with the expertise and vision of a dedicated new development marketing, design, research and strategic sales planning team.

With a long-standing reputation for selling some of the most preeminent properties, as well as those of particular architectural and design significance or celebrity provenance, Y+A is uniquely qualified to provide bespoke insight and strategy for high-profile clients and development projects. Our distinguished individual backgrounds, coupled with a culture based on the concepts of collaborative integration, cooperation and partnership, we bring a fresh vision to new development sales and marketing.

Y+A REAL ESTATE & ASSET MANAGEMENT prides itself on providing clients with honest and informed advice, while working together to establish aspirational products and achieve performance benchmarks that are both rigorous and attainable.

The full team of professionals is comprised of leading real estate industry experts, bringing together years of professional experience in various industry specialties including development, asset management, sales, marketing, debt and real estate private equity.

We believe that a strong foundation in research and analysis is key to all sound decision-making in real estate; our dedicated research team provides up-to-the-minute market insight reports to keep our clients and sales professionals current in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Y+A embraces the importance of creative branding and eliciting an emotional response to luxury real estate among buyers.

We believe that excellence is often found in the smallest details – the amenities that no other property offers, design that is both inspired and functional, and expertly devised creative collateral.

Our in-house creative agency, recognizes and appreciates the value of creativity in establishing quality and marketing materials to achieve the highest pricing in all of our luxury developments.